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Who Is Renewing Your Domain Names?

By admin • November 23, 2010 • Filed in: Domain Names, Website Strategy

The Australian domain after market is relatively new to the TLD market and has only been around for less than 2 years now.

The only Drop service that I am aware of is (formally up until a few weeks a go when it was sold to

Added 02/12/09 Sorry forgot about, I use a lot more though.

There have been many names dropping over the past weeks and months that should just never have been allowed to expire, someone has taken their eye off the ball!!

Names like one of Australia’s most popular towns with tens of thousands of searches per month on Google Australia, who in their right mind would let that name drop. Surely it was not because they could not afford the AU$29.95 for 2 years renewal fee??(Domain Spy) It went in the drop auction for AU$17,000 if my memory serves me (don’t quote me on that figure!) Then today we saw drop and was picked up for AU$5555.00 again with tens of thousands of searches on Google Australia. Other good names recently dropped are,, $19,000. Some domains are sold on the aftermarket, recently sold for $22,000 and dropped for $1.00, just amazing.

So my question to you and other domain owners is this – Who Is Renewing Your Domain Names??? Who Has Been Given the Responsibility?? of making sure that you don’t lose your precious assets.

If you have a business / company and you have staff who’s job it is to manage the renewals of your domain names, make sure that you are included on the email list for renewal reminders even if you have it set within your registrar for Auto Renewal. Things can still go wrong with Auto Renewal in place such as credit cards expiring and what if the staff member responsible for these domains leaves the company and more than likely there company email address gets cancelled by the IT department not knowing that all of the renewal or domain related notices are set to go to that now non existent email address.

So go and double check all of your domains now to make sure you are protected from this happening, I am not sure about everyone else but paying the AU$29.95 renewal fee is a dam site cheaper than having to pay for it at auction due to ignorance or being lazy. Go check them now!

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