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Choose Your Graphic Design School

By admin • November 23, 2010 • Filed in: Website Strategy

Are you interested in launching a career in graphic design? Graphic design is one of the most innovative and growing creative industries in the word. New design schools are appearing all the time to meet the growing demand and interest of wannabe designers. If you are interested in educating yourself as a professional graphic design, then where should you begin? Should you choose a two-year degree program at a graphic arts school? Or should you choose a traditional four-year Bachelor’s program? Here is a brief overview that will show you some insight into deciding on the right graphic design program and school for you.

1) What to look for in a graphic design program.

What should you look for in different graphic design programs? You can compare many aspects of a graphic design program. Some aspects include the curriculum, the type of degree awarded at the end of the study program, the ration of students to instructors, the facilities, and the mix of academic and hands-on courses in which the school offers.

2). Consider your personal and career goals.

You want to choose a graphic design program that fulfills your personal, academic and career goals. If you are interested in gaining entry-level employment in the graphic arts industry, you may be satisfied with a fast-track program that allows you to graduate in two years or less. If you want a fuller program with the possibility for graduate study or teaching, you will want a four-year degree program.

3) Examining the four types of graphic design programs and schools.

In general, you can find four basic graphic design programs. The most conventional academic program is the college or university four-year degree program; this leads to a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. Many schools also offer a graduate degree in graphic design, usually designated as a Master of Fine Arts, or MFA. At most universities, you will find the graphic design program is part of the College of Fine Arts. At smaller universities, graphic design courses may be part of a Fine Arts major.

4) Choosing a Specialized Art School.

Another popular choice to study graphic design is the typical art school. These are often described as “institutes of design.” They offer an intensive, hands-on experience focused solely on graphic design. If you are not interested in anything but graphic design, a specialized art school may be right for you.

5) The two-year graphic design program.

Many community colleges have two-year programs leading to an Associate Degree (AA) in graphic design. Some colleges may offer a certificate in graphic design. Usually you can transfer these credits to a four-year institution and apply them toward a Bachelor’s degree.

6) Which graphic design program is right for you?

You may wonder which graphic design program suits you best. You need to consider many things in regards to which degree you want in graphic design. Look closely at the different curriculums and degree requirements. Some programs may offer more classes that appeal to your personal interests. Are you more interested in receiving a broad liberal arts education, or finding fast employment in the graphic design industry? Are you interested in the history and aesthetic of graphic design, or are you intrigued by hands-on instruction? The answer to these questions can point you in the right direction.

Whether you choose hands-on instruction or a more broad-based four-year program, always keep in mind the preparation and quality of instruction that you will receive at one of these schools.

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