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Social Netwoking is very important. It helps your firm’s social reputation keep in touch with the user more and fast paced society we live in. The following three examples show one way we keep in “local” contact here in Albury Wodonga and for one client how they keep in contact globally with their recipes page on Facebook.

Why you SHOULD keep in contact and submit manually to social bookmarking sites

It can be extremely tempting to use automated forms to submit your website or blog to social bookmarking sites. After all, it saves you a lot of time and hassle. In fact, there are companies that you can pay to make automatic social bookmarking site submissions for you so that you don’t have to spend any time on the effort at all. There are even sites and software that allow you to press a button and instantaneously submit your articles to dozens of social bookmarking sites. It is very tempting to use these services. Posting to social bookmarking sites is a very tedious, time consuming task. It can take hours every day to perform a successful social bookmarking campaign. However, you will have a much better result if you submit your articles by hand. In fact, I think that it is crucial to always engage in manual submissions on the popular social bookmarking sites. I will discuss this further on in the article.

Why Do I think That it is Important to Manually Submit Your Articles to Social Bookmarking Sites?

(1) To ensure that your article was submitted correctly.
(2) To ensure that you don’t alienate users.
(3) To ensure that you and your site isn’t banned or buried.
(4) To Continue to Expand Your Social Network
(5) Out of Respect of The Social Bookmarking Sites’ Members

Yes, social bookmarking submitters will bring you traffic. You will just get tons more traffic if you submit manually. And your efforts will pay off.

However, if you don’t have the time to submit manually, these are my suggestions:

(1) Manually Submit to the Most Important Sites.
(2) Only Submit Your Best Articles to the Social Bookmarking Sites.
(3) Use an Auto Social Submitter and then Follow up on Each Site.
(4) Let Your Visitors Do the Leg Work.
(5) Speed Up The Process

To speed up the process, I suggest use social bookmarkers. These firms help submit your article of interest to many social networs. What are Some Social Bookmarking Submitters (Auto Social Bookmarking Submitters That is)

Social Submit
Auto Social Poster
Only Wire
Social Poster

I hope that this article was helpful to you. I suspect that might people might disagree with my views. Please feel free to rant if you like.