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Who Owns Your Website

Do you own your website? I have been in two minds lately that this sort of activity still happens today. With all the abundance of information that people have today about building websites and ownership of domain names, people still get dragged into loopholes that their website designers make. As a client of a website […]

Registrant’s Guide to Protecting Domain Names

ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee recently released “A Registrants Guide to Protecting Domain Name Registration Accounts”. Recognising that the operational value of an active domain name can be of critical importance to large and small businesses alike, the report describes threats and preventative measures that registrants should consider to protect their domain name registration […]

Who Is Renewing Your Domain Names?

The Australian domain after market is relatively new to the TLD market and has only been around for less than 2 years now. The only Drop service that I am aware of is (formally up until a few weeks a go when it was sold to Added 02/12/09 Sorry forgot about, […]

Australian Domain Names

The domain name was originally allocated by Jon Postel, operator of IANA to Kevin Robert Elz of Melbourne University in 1986. After an approximately five year process in the 1990s, the Internet industry created a self regulatory body called .au Domain Administration to operate the domain. It obtained assent from ICANN in 2001, and commenced […]