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Search Engine Optimization: How Does it Work?

By admin • June 17, 2011 • Filed in: Search Engine Optimisation

Make people want you more. Nothing is as dreadful as lowered search engine ranking. Don’t you agree? When you put everything into designing a website that would, in future, bestow upon you endless profits, even a single dimension gone wrong can take your website far away from being the numero uno. That’s where effective search engine optimization comes into play. It not only helps in improving search engine rankings of a website, but also makes sure you get hits in bulk regularly. But what to do in order to get optimization right and rankings boosted up? Well, with the help of the right search engine optimization, you just need to take care of the right keywords (the ones you think are the most searched words), structure the site in a way that Google crawlers easily move over, and measure as well as analyze traffic in terms of sales. The following website SEO tips will help you getting a load of how to exactly do all that. Have a go!

Website Top SEO Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Keywords are the Key!
Having a website with content that is worthless, and does not contain words that are the most searched on the web is sheer wastage! You need to do effective keywords research, thereby, using maximum keywords in your content which will get more and more hits. Google Adwords can help you judging which words have the most number of hits, and accordingly, you can include them in your content research.

Tip #2: Be ‘Bold’ Enough!
HTML tags that bold, italic, and underline your content must be used everywhere. The most important thing while optimizing content is to use as many tags as possible. There is a plethora of cool HTML codes for your convenience. Okay, that doesn’t mean you flood your content with unnecessary bolds and underlines! Just keep in mind that Google crawlers identify and lay emphasis on these tags the most.

Tip #3: Go Hyperlinking!
Links are an essential part of search engine optimization. Links make navigation extremely easy, as when you link different pages of your website, the crawlers think there is a lot of significance in your content, and hence, they will surely boost your website rankings. Same is the case with links within the text. The links should be arranged in such a way that the crawlers always have something new to enter into, and not go back to the homepage.

Tip #4: Content that Contents Readers!
Quality, more than quantity, matters. You need not have a 10,000-words long article as it would do no good but distract the crawler. Instead, you need to have adequate website content having significant knowledge, keywords, links and something unique for every reader. Subtle language, not offensive at all, and something that a reader learns from… contributes to the best produced content.

Tip #5: Title Optimization!
Well, one might not judge a book by its cover, but it’s not the same case here. A good title is one of the most important website SEO tips to be kept in mind. The title should have as many keywords as possible, along with a meta title. Meta tags explained in a simple manner can help you understand what is the importance of having different titles and tags on every page. In simple words, in order to stay at the top, you need to have the most attractive title and content that satisfies the user in a way that he doesn’t go on any other result.

Tip #6: Acknowledge Yourself on Social Media!
In other words, bookmark your websites on various web pages so that the users find different ways to navigate through your site. This is called social bookmarking which is essential to effective SEO, and can prove to be immensely beneficial to website owners who struggle for higher rankings on the internet search engine. Social bookmarking will put the information on your website to a wide audience, which will also help in getting introduced to new clients all over the world for an enduring period of time. After all, it is a giant platform you’re bookmarking your website on!

Tip #7: Update Your Website Regularly!
This is, perhaps, the last and the most important tip, people miss out on. Too often, many website owners create onetime content, and forget it. You need to understand that with new content being introduced on the web, it is more than hard to keep an effective hold on the web market. Hence, regularly updated content, a fresh interface, and latest keywords can not only amplify your search engine rankings, but also keep you on top. So what if thousands of web pages come over Google everyday? You have your updated content ready to slump the others down!

Hopeful as I am, the above tips must have satiated your appetite of information about how to increase your rankings with search engine optimization strategies, has it? While it dreads me to even mention the countless bits and nuances that one needs to ponder over while doing successful search engine optimization of a website, the above seven website SEO tips, according to me, are the ones you can’t do without. Beyond everything, reaching the numero uno isn’t the only destination for a search engine optimizer. Instead, one needs to have his website extremely user-friendly to keep that attention soaring high. Moreover, you may even be successful in fooling Google crawlers, but eventually, it is the audience of your site that is the ultimate judge of how worthy your website is!

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